The Principal That Stole Christmas
I have said it many times before but I will say it again.  What in the heck is going on in our society and specifically schools?
Now The Daily Caller is reporting that a St. Paul Minnesota elementary school principal is sincerely considering canceling Christmas...
Thanksgiving Safety Reminders
Battle Creek Police are reminding residents about safety as one of the busiest nights of the year for partying is here: The night before Thanksgiving.
Chief Jim Blocker and Officer Cody Longon tell The Richard Piet Show tonight through the weekend are among the busiest as folks celebrate Thanksg…
Don’t Botch The Bird
T-minus two days and counting until Thanksgiving. Is your turkey thawing? Are you sure you have covered all the bases to make sure the bird doesn't get bungled?
No worries. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts are standing by, ready to answer your questions...