Let's suppose you're on a long trip, driving from Michigan to Florida. At some point, you're liable to get fatigued behind the wheel and want to take a rest, but don't want to lose travel time. Cadillac has announced technology that would allow you to take your hands off the wheel and feet off the pedals. It's a big leap from basic cruise control, which simply holds the pedal down on long freeway trips to the driver's foot doesn't fatigue when driving long distances. Cadillac posted about it Tuesday on Facebook:

Thing is, a driver won't be allowed to recline and take a nap with this technology engaged; they'll still have to keep their eyes on the road. I suppose the best way to view this is this way: You can't necessarily make a huge leap in technology all at once, and this is just a stop on the road to a car that drives itself. To me, the best technology will be the car that allows you to have control - or to switch on an "autopilot" when you want to sit back and read a text message or take a nap. I'll be Michael Knight; the car can be KITT! What do you think? Would a car that taxis you be great for you?