It's SO tough to remain tragically hip as you continue to rack up miles on the ole' frame.As I age, I find it harder to keep up or connect with music, movies, television and above all fashion.  Now, I don't think I dress like the stereotypical "grandpa."  And, at the other end of the spectrum, I am far from uber chic.  Sure, I never would think of wearing black socks with sandals.  (I hate sandals to begin with)  I have never and will never own or wear a fanny pack.  Long gone are cut-offs in the summer.  However, I will wear a sleeveless shirt this summer, because Tonya has my arms lookin bitchin!

When it comes to my "look", I play it safe.  I'm fond of button collar dress shirts, pleated slacks, and loafer style shoes.  Nuthin' fancy, but nuthin that would ever embarrass my wife or grandkids.

The people at Buzzfeed have put together a list things that men over 30 should just NEVER wear. Dressing like a jackass is for your 20s.  Once you hit 30, you've got to start making more mature choices.  Check out the ten things men over 30 should never wear:

 1.  Fedoras.  You ain't Bruno Mars.

2.  Choker necklaces.   Unless you're still playing in a heavy metal band.  Then you're cool.  

3.  Dangly earrings.  Are YOU going to tell Keith Richards?  Oh, wait.  That's the "rock band exclusion" in play.  

4.  Skull jewelry.

5.  Fake tanner.  Creepy.  Way creepy.

6.  A wrist full of bracelets.  Someone should tell this to Steven Tyler.  See #3 for exclusion

7.  Crocs.  Not in a million lifetimes.

8.  Sports jerseys customized with their name on the back.

9.  Backwards hats.  I may have to take exception to this one.  Especially if I'm trying to shoot photos.  Hats with brims don't work with your camera.   

10.  Mohawks.  The sad truth is, if you're over 30, you may not have enough hair to cut into a mohawk if you wanted to!