It takes a big commitment to get up early every Saturday morning, pour through the results of the night's high school games, and hit the airwaves live with the coaches. Terry does a fabulous job! He really cares about the kids and about high school athletics, and it shows.

When I started at WBCK in 1989, Gary Beard, another guy who really cared a lot, was doing the show. Terry Newton took over shortly after and has been "Mr. Dependable" ever since.

"Newt," as we call him, was doing color commentary on high school games and did "Michigan Battlecat" games, too. As his job duties and family commitments have changed, he's given up doing the games, but has been there for the community, the schools, the kids and for WBCK on Coaches Corner. Thanks, Newt!

Click to read this great article by Bill Broderick in the Battle Creek Enquirer on WBCK's Terry Newton.