Which little life tasks do you hate doing the most? I didn't get a chance to share this on the show today, but I am curious what yours are.  I'll share mine if you'll share yours!

A survey was conducted recently, and in a moment I'll share the top ten things that people just hate to do.  Sure, they're minor, but we just would rather not do them.

But first, the Roy list.

1.  I hate putting away laundry.  I'll DO laundry all day long.  I'll fold shirts and match socks, but I would MUCH rather just leave it in the basket than put it away.  I do hate it.

2.  Same things with dishes.  I'll DO them, even after Thanksgiving dinner.  Gladly.  You cooked, I'll clean.  But the dish drainer will be filled to overflowing if I'm left in charge.

3.  Listen to voice mail.  I can't explain why, but I just find it incredibly irritating these days.  In most cases, I will just call you when I see you've left a voice mail message and ask you what you wanted, rather than listen to your voice mail.  Send me an e-mail.

4.  Dealing with insurance.  Health/auto/home, I don't care.  I'll do it if forced, but in MY perfect world, I want insurance to be a hands off, out of sight out of mind type of situation.  Take the payment out of my account be done with it.  It's probably because I don't understand a THING about how it works.

But that's MY list.  Now back to the survey.  This was conducted by the website Female First.  Couples were asked little life tasks they hate doing the most.  Here are the top 10 answers:

1.  Changing utility companies.

2.  Getting insurance.

3.  Doing taxes.

4.  Paying bills.

5.  Making changes to a TV, phone, or Internet plan.

6.  Going to the dentist.

7.  Applying for a new job.

8.  Getting quotes for work on your house.

9.  Putting things on eBay to sell.

10.  Changing email addresses.

Now, let's hear YOURS.  Leave me a comment or two and we just might share them on tomorrow's morning show.  You'd be a star!