It seems like it could be DANGEROUS to hit a bar after work and get HAMMERED with your boss.What if you say the wrong thing?  There are SO many ways to screw it up.

I have a story about one of MY misadventures in this area that would be best shared in a face-to-face conversation.  People might get upset if I share in this venue.  (I now have more discretion than in years past)

But according to a new study, you've got to put that fear aside.  An economist (who Robert imagined as looking like Groucho Marx, puffing on a sausage instead of a cigar) at the University of Dusseldorf in Germany found the BEST way to get ahead at work is . . . to get drunk with your boss.  

He found that drinking together at a bar after work helps strengthen your relationship, helps you get to know each other, builds trust, and opens up new career opportunities.

It doesn't have to just be you and your boss either . . . having other coworkers there helps you build better work relationships with them too.

Again, I urge caution if you should choose this slippery slope to traverse on your road to the top.  If you are given to loose lips, remember the ship you sink may be your own.

You are forewarned.