That's right.  We're going to talk about the "S" word.

Discussed, more to the point, in the post "S" time frame.  Before we proceed with this scholarly discussion, allow me to inquire, what doYOU DO, immediately after the conclusion of intimate events?   There ARE do's and do not's in this area.  YES! Codes of conduct, as it were.  Oft overlooked standards of sensitivity that shall either help in the fostering and perpetuating of further relations of this nature, or cause to decrease or in the worse case cessation additional acts of congress. And NOBODY wants that to happen, do they?

Do I have your attention?  Now it is important to note that these standards have application to both genders.  They are not gender specific.

At our conclusion, you will not doubt want to keep these things in mind as we go into the weekend:  Depending on what you do RIGHT after having sex, you might be annoying or even OFFENDING the person you just did it with.  Here are the five most annoying after-sex habits.

1.  Running to the bathroom.  Sure, hygiene is good, and getting nasty can be . . . well, nasty.  But running to the bathroom the second you're done is like saying you're grossed out by what . . . or who . . . you just did.

2.  Putting your clothes on right away.  If you're a woman, it gives the impression that you're uncomfortable with your body.  If you're a guy, it just confirms the cliché that you're there to get some and leave.

3.  Laughing.  Assuming things went well, it's a totally natural way for your brain to deal with enjoying the moment.  But if you're hooking up with someone for the first time, they might get freaked out.

4.  Crying.  It's another natural way for your body to relieve tension.  If you're a woman, the guy might be super-psyched he got you to that place.  But if it didn't go well, he'll be crushed.  If you're a guy . . . never cry.

4.  Grabbing your phone.  At least let a LITTLE time pass before you start checking texts or emails you might have missed.

5.  Scoring the performance.  It's one thing to tell them how "incredible" it was . . . but breaking it down any more than that is just asking for trouble.

And with that, please accept my sincerest wishes for a wonderful weekend!