Who are the most miserable fans in the NFL?

Yep, it’s us, according to a new survey.

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The Scripps National Desk released a new survey that shows which NFL franchises have the most miserable fans dating back to the 1960s.

Detroit Lions fans, who haven't seen a playoff victory since 1991, topped the list — and getting the shaft in the playoffs, sure hasn’t helped the disposition of Lions’ fans.

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The Buffalo Bills came in second, followed by the Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears.

The Scripps NFL misery index looked at seven categories that relate to the performance of a city's NFL franchise or its quality of life.

Factors included the unemployment rate for the franchise's metropolitan area, the city's average temperature in January, number of Super Bowl titles and appearances along with postseason success.

Scripps said the Dallas Cowboys, who were also eliminated from the playoffs on a controversial call, have the least amount of misery among their fan base.

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