Rule number one; if you're a parolee who's skipped out of state and is using an assumed name--


Forgive me if that seems obvious, but that fact seems to have skipped the mind recently of a Mr. James Dixon.  He's a Michigan boy, by the way.

Seems that back in 1985, 24-year-old James Dixon got out of prison in Michigan, then skipped out on parole.  Normally, these folks aren't missing too long.  That defective criminal gene, as I call it, compels them to behave in a manner that is contrary of the statutes of a given community.  So, give Mr. Dixon his due for NOT running afowl of the law.  Here he is now, almost 30 years later, at age 53, he was finally busted. And here's how the take down went making one of the most ELEMENTARY mistakes you could make.

The sheriff's department in Hernando County, Florida (nice area, according to Jim Price) got an anonymous tip that James might be living in Spring Hill, Florida.  And that he was using his brother Gary's identity.

And when the cops pulled him over yesterday, he identified himself as Gary Dixon.  But while he was talking to them, another cop walked up behind and said, "Hey James!"

And James turned to look.  Then he dropped his head . . . because he realized he'd just given himself away.

He was arrested and will be extradited back to Michigan.

Now, I'd like to leave you with something to think about.  It may be the most well thought out explanation I've seen to date, on the topic of the missing airliner.  Read it, and tell me if you think his theory makes sense to you, too.

A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet