Any Scrabble player will tell you that proper nouns like place names are illegal in the game. But if you could use them, what Michigan cities would be the highest scoring Scrabble plays?

Photo: Jayden and Stephanie Earl

"Kalamazoo" gets you 24 points in Scrabble, but is that the most points any Michigan city will score?

A word like "Kalamazoo" could probably rack up a nice Scrabble score. It's true! With 10 points for that "Z" you'd get 24 points for playing the tiles spelling out the name of our city.

What about other Michigan metros? Can any score higher than our hometown?

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    20 points for the city named after our 7th United States President.

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    Like Kalamazoo, you get 10 points for the "Z," but this Dutch hamlet only scores you 17 points.

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    Ah, here's potential; eleven letters long with an "F" and and "H!" "Frankenmuth" will net you 23 points, just one less than "Kalamazoo." (The word "Christmas" is merely 16.)

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    Spelling out "Saginaw" yields only 11 points in scrabble, but...

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    ...head to Northern Saginaw Country and you will find Zilwakee. With the letters "Z," "W," and "K" adding 10, 4 and 5 points, the Scrabble total is 25- one more than Kalamazoo!

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