I've got some vacation time coming next week.  YEA!  But all I can do, is keep ADDING to the list of chores I want to accomplish during that time off!!

How does this happen?  In the classic ideal of vacation, we are supposed to enjoy a time of leisure.  A time for fun!  A time away from all the stresses of the workaday world.  But talk about stress, I'm still three days away and my list already seems impossible.

And yes, I AM whining.  We begin on Saturday.

--Power wash and re-paint the deck.  Now, a snag in this project exists as the color selection for the deck has not yet been approved by the Director of Paint Color Selection, who is NOT the operator of the power washer, or the eventual painter.

--Re-paint and rehang the shutters and paint the house foundation.  This SHOULDN'T be TOO bad, if the wasps haven't made their nests behind the shutters yet.  The aforementioned Director HAS made their color selection for this project.  I really shouldn't be able to screw up black.

--Rebuild interior wall.  The SAME wall that I've removed, rebuilt and removed previously, at the instruction of the Director of Interior Walls.

--Mount television on wall.  Seems the Director of Television Placement is no longer satisfied with the television on the fireplace mantle.

--Spray for weeds.  Additionally, spend considerable time in prayer so that I don't totally KILL the yard like I did two years ago.  I am gently reminded of this blunder by the Director of Wanting the Yard to Look Nice and Not Like The Oklahoma Dust Bowl.

--Re-plant all the spring blooming flowers.  Seems your writer dropped bulbs in the ground at some of the oddest and most random spots over the years.  They're all over the place.  The Director of Bulb Management has requested they be relocated to a centralized flower bed.

Okay.  I need to stop this crybaby business.   I'm absolutely going over the top here.  Clearly, there WILL be some fun time next week.  Why, there's LAUNDRY and DISHES and the clean-up of all these chores.  You know, maybe I WILL have a relaxing time after all.