Baseball will announce its 2016 inductees to the Hall of Fame tonight. By Thursday, the 1984 Tigers will be one of very few World Series champs without at least one Hall of Famer. It’s the 15th and final year for former Tiger shortstop Alan Trammell to be on the ballot. A player needs to be named on 75% of the sports writer ballots. Trammell only got 25% last year. Jack Morris had his final year last time around and was also snubbed by the writers.   reviously, Lance Parrish, Lou Whitaker, Kirk Gibson, Chet Lemon, Darrell Evans, and even Howard Johnson spent brief stretches on the writers’ ballot.  Manager Sparky Anderson is in the hall.

(Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Ken Griffey Jr. is considered a shoo-in on his first time on the Hall ballot. Others that are considered close to entering the Hall include closer Trevor Hoffman and catcher Mike Piazza. Ken Griffey Jr. is not only a shoo-in...he may be the first player ever elected unanimously. Nobody - not Babe Ruth, Willie Mays or Nolan Ryan made it on all the writers' ballots. The closest ever to unanimous election was Tom Seaver - who was named on 98.84% of the 500-plus ballots.