Did you know that Colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in men and women in theUS?  March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month…and Tuesday  morning I’ll be having one atBattle CreekEndoscopy & SurgeryCenteron Capital Southwest. I talked with Center director Ron Elkins about it.


Monday is prep day, so I won’t be eating any solid food, but they do have a menu of various things I can drink, as I get ready for the procedure.   I just had a cup of Chicken broth for lunch, and I'm also allowed to drink a lot of clear liquids, popcicles, tea and coffee, apple or grape juice, Kool-Aid and Gator-Aid.   Not bad at all!   Late in the afternoon of the day before, I'll drink the first of two SUPREP solutions.  These will give me a good cleaning out for the camera on Tuesday.  It's mostly different types of salts and a few other things.

I also have to watch what vitamins and medications I take.  Most are just fine, but I had to make sure and NOT take several things, two weeks in advance:

• Herbal Therapy/Supplements including Fishoil.

• Glucosamine, Chondroitin

• Plavix and Ticlid.

I also had to stop taking some things a week before, including:

• Advil

• Lodine

• Naprosen

• Aleve

• Mobic

• Aspirin

• Motrin

• Celebrex

• Ibuprofen

They tell me that many of these could cause blood to be a little thinner and less likely to clot.  They said Tylenol is ok.

Ron Elkins says you should have a screening colonoscopy starting at age 50.  He says every ten years should do it after that, unless you have a family history of colon cancer.  If that's the case, he says to start at age 40 and have it done every 5 years.

Ron says most insurance companies cover the screening, and that changes in health care laws will allow everyone access to the screening starting next year.   Check with your insurance company for the particulars of your plan.

I'll be heading to the Center on Tuesday at 10, where Dr. Karamchandani (or Dr. "K" as he's known) will perform the procedure.   I'll keep you posted.

For more info, call 269-441-1755 or go to www.bcendoscopy.com