Forget about the opening of the Dairy Queen.  One of the surest signs that spring and warmer weather is at hand, visited the studios this morning.  

Lowell Weaver, General Manager of the beautiful Medalist course dropped by for the first of our series of "On The Green" segments.

A LOT of new and cool things for this season at the Medalist.  Not the least of which is the new GPS units on all the carts!  Not only helps you determine the distance between you and the pin, but will also allow you to place a food or drink order FROM the course, and alert you to the approach of severe weather.

No doubt a lot of you (unless you're a snowbird) are in the process of shaking some of the rust off your game.  In this week's On The Green video with Lowell and Nate Adams, Lowell works with Nate to help him get his swing back.

Check out this week's video right here:

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Happy Golfing!