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A family in New Jersey was having an Easter egg hunt in their backyard on Sunday . . . when a SKYDIVER came falling out of the sky.  Turns out his parachute hadn't opened.  The family tried to help him, but he died in the hospital about an hour-and-a-half later. (Full Story)

A new survey compared the top STATUS SYMBOLS from the '80s to the top status symbols today.  And only one thing was consistent:  Sending your kids to private school.  Some of the other big ones today are a fancy car, a pool or tennis courts, and flying first class.  Some of the other big ones in the '80s were a car phone, two cars, and a cordless phone.  (Full Story)

According to a new study, it's IMPOSSIBLE for men to talk in a sexy voice.  Women rated men's normal voices and their attempts at a "sexy" voice . . . and their normal voices actually scored BETTER.  The opposite was true for women.  When women talked likeSCARLETT JOHANSSON in a low, breathy voice, they were rated sexier.  (Full Story)

A university in Rhode Island just BANNED students from taking selfies during graduation next month . . . because they're afraid every kid will do it while they're accepting their diploma, and the ceremony will take forever.  (Full Story)

According to a new survey, 82% of people now accept that smoking causes cancer, and 71% agree that mental illness is a "medical condition."  But just 33% feel confident that humans are the main cause of global warming.  And only 21% strongly agree that the universe was created by a big bang.  (Full Story)

A new study found the KINDEST people in the world are old women . . . people with upbeat, positive personalities . . . and people who recently suffered a major loss.  So an upbeat old lady whose husband just died is probably the nicest person you're going to find.  (Full Story)

Some white supremacists in Virginia decided to RUIN Easter for some kids this weekend . . . by hiding eggs with RACIST MESSAGES among some other eggs at an Easter egg hunt.  The police are still trying to find out who did it.  (Full Story)

A 27-year-old guy and his girlfriend were decorating Easter eggs on Saturday night when she accused him of CHEATING on her.  So he got mad and started THROWING the hard-boiled eggs at her.  She called the cops . . . and when they got there, he tried to attack them with a SWORD.  He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.  (Full Story)

An American won the Boston Marathon for the first time in 29 YEARS yesterday.  He's 38-year-old Meb Keflezighi. (Pronounced Kef-LEZ-gee.)  And he had the names of the three people killed in the bombing on his jersey, along with the cop who was killed by the bombers three days later.  He says he got sick around mile 21, then thought about what it would mean for an American to win . . . and kept going.  (Full Story)