Mike the Peacock has been the victim of abuse, over the past few months, but nothing compared to the recent beheading which took place over this past weekend.

The topiary Peacock, which has resided in Bronson Park in downtown Kalamazoo for the past few years, has been the victim of suspected Pokémon Players, who would sit upon his back for photos. This resulted in damage to his back, which has slowly mended over the past few months. But the recent beheading has resulted in the removal of Mike the Peacock from the grounds of Bronson Park. It is unknown where his remains were disposed of.

For those of you who are uncertain as to what a topiary Peacock is, it is a Peacock structure made of wire frame. Once the frame is constructed, vine-like vegetation is planted at the base and then clings to the frame. It is then pruned so that the Peacock image is maintained.

Mike is not the only topiary creature on display in the park. Kalamazoo in Bloom filled Bronson Park with 35 topiary animals in 2014.

According to MLive.Com, CJ Drenth, garden educator with Kalamazoo in Bloom said "It's probably just someone who had a few beers and was walking by — it's not difficult if you want to damage one or steal it. (The perpetrator) is one of the 1 percent of people anywhere in the world that wants to screw something up."

Drenth said that the City would prefer not to prosecute in the vandalism. The vandals can just return the head with no questions asked.