Mlive Chief Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa admits Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog has very little meteorological training, but his forecast on February 2 for another six weeks of winter is probably correct.

Torregrossa tells The Richard Piet Show on WBCK a quiet December, in which a Canadian cold pocket diminished and prompted speculation of a quieter, El Nino winter, was only temporary.

"El Nino hasn't formed and now in the last three or four weeks, the cold pocket in Canada has come back, it's's going to be the dominant feature in our weather at least in the next month," Torregrossa said.

He also thinks weather in Michigan could look something like New England in late February and early March. Click the link below and listen to hear what he means by that!

Torregrossa will blog regularly about the current and upcoming weather, and also oversees a website about agricultural weather.

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