Just minutes ago, Donald Trump was delivering a campaign speech in Reno, Nevada, when a commotion took place in front of the stage. Something was then shouted and Trump started to stoop down and was immediately surrounded by Secret Service agents, who began to push him down lower while rushing him towards the backstage area.

Other Secret Service agents then jumped into the crowd, at the front of the stage, seeming to attempt to subdue someone. Moments later, para-military entered from behind stage wearing camo-military clothing, military helmets with infra-red vision and carrying automatic weapons.

Within seconds, it appeared that they had subdued a person and was removing them from the venue.

The unofficial word is that a firearm may had been shown.

According to Right Side Broadcasting, a person in their chat-room had just posted that they were in the venue and were going to shoot Donald Trump. It is unknown, at this time, whether the two incidents were related.

After a 5-10-minute pause, Donald Trump returned to the stage, saying that "They can't stop us!" He also thanked the Secret Service for their quick response and acknowledge a group of people in the crowd, front-center stage, for the action they took in thwarting any attack.

I just happened to be watching this speech, and am relating what I saw on the Right Side Broadcasting live feed, and what little they could learn at the moment. The details are still sketchy at this time.

Donald Trump is now on his way to Colorado to give another speech this evening, in Denver, at 11:30 PM Eastern Time.