Researchers were celebrating this week, at the University of Michigan, after finding an 83-year-old turtle. And she might be pregnant.

The University of Michigan says researchers this week recaptured a Blanding's turtle at the E.S. George Reserve in Livingston County, 25 miles from campus.

The female, whose official name is 3R11L, was first captured and marked in 1954 as part of a long-running turtle study.

Researcher Justin Congdon, who began studying the E.S. George turtles in the mid-1970s, said that he felt what he believes are soft-shelled eggs inside of her. He also stated that reptiles reproduce until something kills them.

This is not the first time which 3R11L has been recaptured.  She has been nabbed over 50 times since 1954.

The recapture, Monday, smashed the oldest living Blanding turtle record which was claimed by the state of Minnesota. Their turtle is a meager 76-years-old.

Researchers have not commented on whether they will ever name the aging turtle anything other than 3R11L. My name choice, for the old girl, would be “Lucky”.