The United Auto Workers union says its membership rose 3.1 percent last year, but assets fell.
The Detroit-based union says membership was up to 403,466 in 2014, the fifth-straight annual increase, and the first time it has topped 400,000 since 2008. However, that's still well below its all-time record of 1.53 million members in 1979.
The UAW says its total assets fell to $978.1 million last year, down from $990 million in 2013. It's the second straight year the union's assets were below $1 billion.
The numbers come in a year the UAW is due to begin talks for new labor contracts with General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler. After this year's contract talks, Michigan's right-to-work law will allow workers at Detroit’s Big Three automakers to opt out of union membership.

-Michigan Radio Network