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  • Adam Lyon: "I am amazed each day that he balances his work as an orthopedic resident, the father to our 3 boys and still finding time to say 'I love you' followed by a kiss. He is and always will be my #1 Valentine!!" - Keri Lyon
  • Betty Holcomb: "My sweetheart likes to do many of the things I like to, such as motorcycling, hiking and tractor shows, to name a few. Betty even helped me find a tractor show that will be entering its 13th year." - Brian Holcomb
  • Bill Pennington: "He always makes me laugh!" - Tammy Pennington
  • Cameron and Harrison Nessel: "They saved my life. Kids are Valentines to all moms. And there is never only one thing we love about them. But after losing their brother and then going through a divorce, I thank them for my life and for saving me." - Andrea Nessel
  • Dennis Gorsline: "How much patience, care and love he shows to our eight grandchildren." - Christine Gorsline
  • Conner Metcalf: "'The Boy' is the coolest son I could ask for, but he's also becoming a wonderful young man. I am getting married in March, and it is a bittersweet event. I am thrilled to be marrying my soulmate, but sad my parents won't see it. My father passed 2013 & my mother passed this November. On March 29th, my handsome son is going to walk me down the aisle and give me away to a truly great man. I tear up at the thought of my little boy taking on such a grownup role. I'm so proud of the wonderful young man he's become and thankful I can rely on his support. He will always be my special Valentine." - April VanOrder
  • Erik Elliott: "I love that he is the kindest and most patient man I've ever met." - Casey Elliott
  • Frank Bridges: "This is my dad. He was my very first Valentine and has always been my best friend. Unconditional love is what it's all about!" - Kelly Bridges
  • Joe Kirkwood: "I don't think I can even imagine a more loving, kind, generous man than my sweet Valentine, Joe! He is my idea of the perfect partner to share the joys of marriage and the upbringing of a wonderful family! This is a very special year for us — about six months ago, we celebrated his 90th Birthday, and about six months from now, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. Surprising him with a special Valentine celebration now would be the finishing touch!" - Barb Kirkwood
  • Josh Krause: "We have been together for 5 years, and his daily goal is to make me smile. I had a triple anurism burst on the communication part of my brain causing me to have a memory problem and a seizure disorder since 2009. He has loved me for me, taken care of me and telling me the parts of my life I forgot. He never complains and just wants me happy and with a smile. He's a real keeper." - Debra Mathewson
  • Roger Graves: "He has been my Valentine and faithful love of my life for 53 years." - Diane Graves
  • Ruth Haley: "She loves me very much…" - Keith Haley
  • Scott Long: "This picture is on July 29, 2012, our wedding day. After being widowed for over 20 years, I found my love. He lets me be me, which after 20 yeas of being my own person is very important. We are blessed that God brought us together." - Deb Long
  • Terrlaynn Lake: "Her unconditional love and positive, creative spirit for our 3 young grandchildren and for her own mother, who she just lost February 5 to cancer. The more I observe, the more I learn and marvel." - Tim Lake
  • Thomas Batterson: "Even though Valentine's Day is his birthday, he has always made it all about me...15 years ago, he proposed marriage, and 3 kids later and a rollercoaster called life, he is just as selfless as ever." - Kimberly Batterson

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