We all can probably name a few people in our chosen profession that we’ve always admired or at least want to know more about.   I’m sure even city code compliance workers can name somebody they thought was a legend.  Someone who was fair, worked hard, made a difference, found a way to deal with management and the public, and was just a person you wanted to try and be more like.    The rest of us might not see it (especially with the example of City Code Compliance officer), but when you have to do the work,  day- in-day-out, you look for people to inspire you and for people to show you a path that can help you do a job you can be proud of and still have a life.


CBS reporter Morley Safer is one of those guys for media types.   The reputations of many in the media are not good, and with good reason.  As a member of it, I’m always asking myself who in the media is great, and why.  I love CBS’s Steve Hartman for his heart-tugging human interest stories.   I know he’s trying to make us tear up…but I like him so much I can forgive the calculated effort.   I like John Stossel, because he comes at stories from an intellectual point of view that is contrary to the status-quo.   Reason above all.

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Last week, one of my favorites decided to retire at 84 years of age.  Morley Safer covered the Vietnam War in the mid-sixties, and joined a teetering “60 Minutes” in 1970.  The show finally took off a year later and Safer is the longest person on a prime time show in TV history.   He covered food, art and music. He covered war.  He went to every corner of the planet to tell people’s stories.   He used the powerful 60 minutes pulpet to right injustice and shine a light on a lot of things that we needed to know about.  His writing was more than first-rate, and his demeanor was tough but fair.   He put those he interviewed at ease and got very interesting results.