Shocking video hit Facebook Saturday of a larger student shouting obscenities and threatening to beat a much smaller student at Holt Jr High School in Holt, Michigan with no school staff intervening. 


Bianca Jones, the mother of the student, posted the video on Facebook asking people to share it.  In the facebook post she says,

This is absolutely ridiculous! This is what happens at Holt Jr High School in Holt, MI on a regular basis with no intervention and no one does anything about it!

Click the picture below to view the FaceBook video of the incident.  Please remember there is very graphic language in this video.


Being bullied like this can negatively affect a person for many years into adulthood.

Let's keep in mind that the person doing the bullying is also a young teen.  We shouldn't gang up on the girl.  I'm more concerned with the lack of intervention by school staff.  According to Bianca Jones' facebook this has been going on all year with no help from the school.

What do you think should be done?  Is the school sending the wrong message to the person doing the bullying as well as the student being bullied?

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