Credit: Wirtz Family Popcorn

Wirtz Family Popcorn and WBCK asked you to submit the next new flavor of popcorn!

We received more than 100 submissions, and now we're asking for your votes.

Voting runs through noon June 5. The top four flavors with the most votes will go on to the finals, where Wirtz Family Popcorn will determine the grand winner!


  • The person who submits the flavor with the most votes will win free popcorn for a year!
  • Wirtz Family Popcorn will make winner's popcorn flavor!

The voting period has ended! Be on a lookout for the results!

Note: We didn’t include in the poll any submissions of flavors that Wirtz Family Popcorn already sells. Here's the list of submitted flavors that Wirtz currently sells:

  • Allyssa Green - Smore popcorn! (Chocolate & marshmallow flavored popcorn)
  • Amy Jenkins - I make this lemon cake with lemon glaze. So I think some lemon cake flavor popcorn with some lemon chocolate glaze.
  • April Daugherty - Pepperoni Pizza Popcorn
  • Becky Bethel - Birthday a Rainbow colored popcorn that taste like cake
  • Bobbi Mayo - Old-fashioned kettle corn
  • Brittany Briegel - Cereal - I want some pop corn that tastes like Fruity Pebbles or Frosted Cheerios. Something that resembles our Cereal City!
  • Chad Carlisle - Carmel popcorn with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle
  • Chelsea Brown - Buffalo chicken wing with a ranch drizzle
  • Crystal Simmons - Chocolate covered strawberry
  • Debbie Damon - Chocolate covered Bacon popcorn
  • George Race – Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate
  • Greg Damon - Caramel Cashew
  • Jamie French - Carmel corn with chocolate covered peanuts call it brown cow!
  • Jennifer Freiny - Hot pepper cheese popcorn
  • Jerrie Davis - Cinnamon toast flavored popcorn
  • Jessica Collige - Red Hots Cinnamon and Blue Raspberry. (hot and cold) Call it "Michigan Weather" Or "Michigan Weekly Temps"
  • Josh Scheidler - Salt-n-vinegar
  • Karen Dean - Granny's Frosted Cinnamon Bun (mixture of cinnamon and sugar drizzled with frosting)
  • Kathy Bouchard - Butter Toffee Cashew.
  • Lisa White - cookies and cream...oreo type cookies crushed up and mixed in with regular popcorn with a white chocolate drizzle
  • Madison Kiefer - Apple pie popcorn
  • Megan Harvey – Lemonade
  • Paige Boling - parmesan garlic!
  • Paul Kline - Salted Caramel Popcorn
  • Sandy Howard - Green Apple Carmel Corn
  • Stacey Lyle - Summertime Lemonade
  • Stacey Shinabarger - S'more flavored popcorn. Marshmellow covered popcorn with pieces of graham cracker drizzled with dark chocolate
  • Susan Keene-Kennedy - Apple pie and vanilla ice cream