The when is today, until 8pm.  The why is up to you.  Many people, and I'm one of them, believe that the smaller, local elections, give us the most say in issues that affect our daily lives and the communities we live in. There won’t be a lot of things decided in today’s elections.   The big one is a year from now.

There are three contested positions on the Battle Creek City Commission.

  • Five candidates will battle for four At-Large seats.  They are: Susan Baldwin, Mark Behnke, Kaytee Faris,  Andy Helmboldt and Rob Rumsey.
  • In Ward 2, incumbent Lynn Ward Gray is challenged by Leonard Davidson.
  • In Ward 3, incumbent Dean Newsome faces Kate Flores. Springfield voters will choose between Harry Burdette and Carey Whitfield.

There are school funding questions in Hastings and Olivet.

You can track the results Voting Results in Calhoun County

Some polling locations have changed for this election.  Calhoun County Polling Locations