As we told you today on the WBCK Morning Show, a 30-year-old woman from the Ukraine named Olga Liaschuk holds a world record for using her powerful thighs to crush WATERMELONS. She was on TV in England last Thursday to show off her skills.

I decided to try it, and it's not that easy. Of course, Olga is actually a world-class Ukrainian weight lifter. She didn't set a new record or anything, but she did manage to crush three of them in about 20 seconds.

I’m thinking that maybe Olga should seduce Vladmir Putin and…we’ll you get the idea!   She’d be a Ukrainian national hero! Actually, she probably already is.

By the way…I had to see it. Olga is not a small girl, but she is quite attractive.

By the way…pumpkins are no easier…even with help from my dog Mugsie.

WBCK's Tim Collins tries to crush a pumpkin with Mugsie.
WBCK's Tim Collins tries to crush a Tomato.

OK…I couldn't even crush a ripe tomato.






Scruffy just mocked me. 






Note: No vegetables were harmed in the making of this post.