We all know that person who is just a little shy, introverted, humble, smart and loveable.  That was our dog Daisy Mae, who passed away on Sunday.

Daisy had to compete with three very extroverted dogs in our household for everything, and had a sweet way about her that’s pretty rare.  We looked for pictures and videos of Daisy yesterday, and didn’t find too many.  Usually she was in the background as one of the other dogs were mugging for the camera.  She and her pal Mugsie came to us four years ago, possibly spooked by somebody’s July fireworks.  We tried to find their owners, but no luck.  So, we adopted them.  Daisy was a kind and gentle dog, but she wouldn’t take any crap from any person, cat or dog that went out of their way to annoy her. Sometimes she would just go outside and woof for no particular reason.  I think she was just blowing off steam when the others would annoy her.  We gave her a good home and lots of love, and she returned it to us and then some. Daisy liked to jump onto the ottoman, and then leap from there into my lap to grab some ear scratches.   Her favorite place in the world was just laying in the back yard on a nice day for hours.  That’s where we buried her.  We’ll miss you Daisy girl.