What are people posting on Facebook these days that makes you NUTTY? 

Depending on your point of view, Facebook is either the greatest tool for communication the world has ever seen, a hideous time-waster, or a instrument of torture developed by the hands of Satan himself.

Whatever your stance you just can't ignore it's powerful place in the world.  It is inescapable--Facebook is a fact of life.  It IS an incredibly powerful communication tool.  And it's influence is only likely to grow.

Me?  Well, I understand it's use.  I understand that it is a necessary and efficient tool for communication with you folks when we're not on the air.  So, I reach out via the medium to share stuff that caught my eye or ear, and hope that it will serve to entertain or inform you.

Sometimes though, I think it's a terrible bore.  To me, there are endless numbers of posts that,(because it is MY opinion and that's the only one that matters), that we really don't need.  And apparently, I'm not alone.

The folks at Reddit, which is a cool site in and of itself, compiled a list of what THEY think are the types of posts that need to stop---now.  See if you agree.

1.  Posts about things "real men do" or "real women do."  Like "Real women have curves."

2.  Buzzfeed articles about things only kids born in the '90s care about.  Yes, everyone remembers Nickelodeon shows like "Doug".  It REALLY wasn't that long ago.  And we remembered it when Buzzfeed posted the same list three years ago.

3.  Bragging about CrossFit workouts.  It seems like part of doing CrossFit is expending energy by bragging about it.

4.  Declaring everything the "best picture ever" or "best email ever" or "best wedding proposal ever."

5.  Complaints about being old . . . at age 26.

Now, considering that THIS is the BEST POST EVER, kindly leave your comments and suggestions for the list.  Excuse me now, as I have to go do my CrossFit workout.  Real Men DON'T have curves.