Would you consider marrying someone if they had cheated on you?

A new study suggests infidelity, at least early on in a relationship, is not a deal breaker for many people. A survey by dating sites Christian Mingle and JDate found that nearly a quarter of singles would consider marrying someone who was unfaithful to them while dating. When it came to defining infidelity, the survey found that men and women have slightly different definitions, with women’s attitudes on what constituted cheating becoming slightly more liberal over the years:

- In 2013, 82% of women and 56% of men said they considered sexting or online flirting a form of infidelity. This year, the number of women who believed a flirty message was cheating plummeted to 68%, while men reported a slight decrease to 51%.

- 90% of women (compared 100% in 2013) said that “passionately kissing someone else” was cheating. The number decreased for guys as well, with only 75% agreeing with the statement, compared to 86% in 2013.

- A little less surprising? The respondents take on whether having “sex with another person repeatedly” was a form of infidelity: 92% of women said it was, and 86% of men agreed.

- 28% of the singles admitted to having been unfaithful in a prior relationship – a slight increase from 2013, when only 22% admitted to straying in a relationship.

Where do you fall on this issue?  Care to comment?  Love to see what you think.