In what's being called an unusual situation, two hurricanes - or as they're called in the Pacific, cyclones - are bearing down on Hawaii. Folks on the islands are preparing for the potential double whammy, though some are said to be nervous - others unfazed. Of course, the media is hyping the storms. Though, legitimately, how often can we say an area is hit by two hurricanes in one week?

Whenever there's a hurricane story, I think about having lived in an area where two hurricanes passed through in four years' time. I also think about what I've heard some Michiganders say about hurricanes. It's usually something along the lines of "I'd take a tornado over a hurricane any day!"

Truth is, any of Mother Nature's storm vehicles can be scary - and destructive. What do you think packs a bigger punch? Hurricanes or tornadoes?

Here's the Thursday CNN story on the twin storms: