I can't help but feel bad about this poll.

I would love that EVERYBODY loved where they lived, and would ALWAYS rank it highly.  We all have beefs with things about our home state, but to rank it poorly on a national poll, well, I feel bad about that.

So, with that said, and I KNOW I'm not officially authorized to do this, but I'm going to try anyway.  If you don't love this great state of ours . . . you gotta go.  I'm sure all your dreams will come true in Kansas or Nova Scotia or whatever.

A new Gallup poll asked people if their state is the BEST place to live in the U.S. . . . and it showed us A LOT about which states are killing it in terms of state pride.

You might be able to guess this . . . Texas had the most state pride.  28% of people in Texas say it's the best state to live in.

The rest of the top 10 states are Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Now on the other end, the state where the most people say it's the WORST possible place to live is . . . Illinois.  One out of every FOUR people in Illinois said it was the worst state in the country.

The rest of the 10 states with the least pride are Rhode Island, Connecticut, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, (go figure) Maryland, and New Mexico.


(You can see the full results here.)

And dumb me.  I NEVER knew that many of the "callers" in to Frasier were celebs.  Here's a neat little video highlighting some of his special guests.

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