You see the yellow Labrador features in her face and coloring. Yep, that's part of Maggie's breed, along with Cattledog and Terrier. At about a year old, Maggie comes to Battle Creek from Shreveport, Louisiana and is this week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday featured pet.

The Humane Society of South Central Michigan has recently become a place where some Louisiana shelter dogs are moving. Louisiana is said to have a burgeoning dog population problem, such that other shelters across the country are assisting with finding new homes for some of them.


Maggie is an energetic dog with a puppy-like demeanor. She'll benefit from a family or owner who takes time to help her expend some of that energy - maybe with walks and access to a fenced yard.

Humane Society experts are confident Maggie will interact well with some other dogs and children.

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