This week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday featured pet who is ready for adoption looks mysterious. And her history is a bit of a mystery, too. So, her name seems fitting: Mystery.

Mystery is a beautiful gray, long hair cat. She is thought to be about a year-and-a-half old, though it's not entirely clear, since she was found as a stray. The Humane Society of South Central Michigan accepted her from a family who took her in, but some members of the family were allergic to her.

Mystery would do well in a quiet home without children. She would get along well with other pets, though probably not puppies. She likes a calm environment. She's a loving kitty who likes to snuggle up and get attention. She also loves to be brushed - which is something, of course, a long haired cat needs!

When Mystery visited us in the studio, she warmed up quickly, purred and ate a few treats while we got acquainted. She'd be very thankful to get acquainted with a new family and find a new home! Click though for Humane Society adoption information (Note: The Humane Society of South Central Michigan will be closed Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after).

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