When I think of the "all American" dog, the first one to come to mind is very often the Labrador Retriever. And here he is! Meet Prince, a 6-month-old chocolate Lab.

Prince is great - he's svelte, happy and energetic. Did I mention he was energetic?! Yes, Prince has a lot of energy he needs to burn off, so he'll be best suited for a home with a yard where he can run around - and an owner who is willing to invest the time and effort into Prince.


The Humane Society of South Central Michigan can help with dog-to-dog match-ups, though the sense is Prince would thrive with a dog who has an equal amount of energy. He probably wouldn't be well suited to younger kids or cats. Prince has all the makings of a great dog, with the right environment and obedience training.

If you have what it takes to give Prince the right home, click through for adoption information!

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