This just in! This just in (from Louisiana!)! Meet Roxy, the latest arrival to the Humane Society of South Central Michigan from down south.

Roxy is a terrier mix with some obvious Labrador Retriever characteristics, and she's ready for adoption now at the Humane Society.

A little over 2 years old, Roxy is less than 20 pounds. She appears larger in photos showing her Labrador characteristics, but actually is a smaller dog with a great temperament. A little shy at first, Roxy warms up quickly and loves to play.

She would be great in a home with a fenced yard and children 8 years old and older.


Roxy has been visiting with a foster family since she arrived, allowing her some individualized attention before meeting her new family. Click through for more information and to begin the steps to bring Roxy home!

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