Two is better than one! That's the word from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan when it comes to kittens! Of course, it's not necessary that two kittens be adopted together, and go to the same home. But it helps!

Jessica Gilbert, HSSCM executive director, tells WBCK two kittens can actually help a busy owner when it comes to entertaining and exercising a kitten. Instead of the owner shouldering all of that duty, two kittens can help wear each other out. Still, there is a significant responsibility and commitment involved in even only one pet - and certainly two.


Britain, a white and gray kitten, is among several ready for adoption now at HSSCM. Britain is a reserved but sweet kitty who warms up to new people steadily.

Russet - one of a litter of "potato kittens" as HSSCM calls them - is a black kitty with white accents. Russet is quick to meet new people and warms up quickly.

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