Carrie told me that many animals get very upset this time of year, because they’re not used to the sudden loud bangs and whistles.  She said there are a lot of animals that go missing this time of the year.  I know that’s true.  A few years ago, two dogs wandered into our yard right after the 4th.  They had collars, but no tags and looked very lost.  We tried for weeks to find their owner, but ended up adopting them.

Carrie says it’s important to know if your pet is alarmed by fireworks and keep them close to you if they are.  Some other tips we talked about:

  • Consider keeping pets inside as much as possible.
  • Limit travelling with your pet.
  • Consider asking your vet about using some sort of sedative.
  • Holistic and herbal remedies work to calm some pets.
  • Make sure your pet has a nice cool and secure and quiet place.
  • A fenced in yard or a leash is a good idea for pets that are outside, especially during the airshows in the area.

Carrie says the shelter is very close to the airport, and the Thunderbirds fly overhead, which can frighten many of the animals living there.

“Tinker”, or “Tink” for short, is a pit-bull mix, born in March.  She and her brother and sister were about three days old when they were brought in with their mom.  She’s been spayed and is up to date on her shots.  She looks to have some Staffordshire terrier in her, and could grow to be 45 to 50 pounds.   She is high energy, but gets along well with other dogs.  They would still do a matchup just to make sure, and probably wouldn’t have her go to a home that already has a female dog.

“Tink” would be best suited to children who are eight years or older.

Carrie says pit bulls are great dog, as long as they are properly socialized.  It all depends on how they are raised.

If you’d like to meet “Tinker”, call 269-963-1796 and make an appointment to come to the shelter, at 2500 Watkins Road in Battle Creek.