I hope what we are hearing is not exactly true.

The Michigan Capitol Confidential news site is reporting that Michigan Unions are attempting to cut a deal with Michigan business group’s to prevent a repeal of Michigan’s prevailing wage law.

It is being reported that the Michigan Unions would drop their proposed ballot initiative to attempt to almost double Michigan’s main business tax.  They want to double that tax in-order to drive business out of Michigan.

As is stated in the article concerning Michigan prevailing wage law:

“Michigan 50-year-old prevailing wage law prohibits the state, local governments and public schools from awarding construction contracts to the lowest bidder unless the contractor agrees to pay union-scale wages on the project. It is estimated that the law costs Michigan taxpayers $224 million annually.”

For this backroom deal to work the Unions would be looking for the Michigan business groups to put some pressure on Republican lawmakers to halt the prevailing wage repeal measure.

I am tired of these backroom deals and I hope all of you are.  No matter if you are a Republican, Liberal/Democrat or Conservative we should not accept this behavior any longer.

Would you agree?

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