I admit, to me a driverless car would seemingly take all the fun out of driving. The exhilaration of being in control of hundreds of "horses" all at once - that's the best part! But, I also realize there are a host of practical reasons why the driverless car would be a major advance.

In fact, I was recently visiting with my aunt, whom I hadn't seen in some time. She was telling me that her son, my cousin, was anxiously following the progress of the driverless car. Since he is visually impaired and has never been able to get a drivers license, the chauffeured car with no chauffeur would unlock a whole new level of independence for him.

On Thursday's WBCK morning show, we referenced a recent article suggesting the driverless car will quickly manifest itself in the form of taxicabs. Specifically, cabs that can shuttle people short distances - fares that human cabbies would rather not take, since they can make more money from passengers going a longer distance.

That made me curious to see just what some of the thoughts about driverless cars really are. Don McLaughlin, contributor to thefederalist.com, suggests American culture and lifestyle could change dramatically in a number of different ways, simply from automating a previously human-driven process. See the article here:


How about you? Would you buy a driverless car?