Having a five year old in the house has forced me to become aware, far beyond a point that I ever believed I'd reach, of the modern day Wonderful World of Disney.

Just try me.  I'll bet I can name ALL the Disney princesses AND the movies in which they were the stars.  I know all about the Disney Channel programs like the Octonauts, ( I like that one),  Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Doc McStuffins.  I know their theme songs, their catch phrases, and probably have purchased the cleverly marketed Disney trademarked toys to boot.

Now, of course, I come from another generation of the Wonderful World.   I have several Disney movies that are among my favorites. And darn it, if most of them don't make me cry at some point.  I hate that.   Disney movies all seem to be crafted to perfection.  From the stories to the animation to the music.

So it surprised me when The "Huffington Post" has assembled a list of "21 'WTF' Things That Almost Happened to Disney Movies."  Most of this stuff would've been BAD . . . so Disney's probably relieved that they ended up going in another direction.

 Here are some of the highlights.  You may find the remainder at huffingtonpost.com;

1.  Disney wanted the SPICE GIRLS to sing "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" in "Hercules" . . . but thankfully, it didn't work out due to "scheduling difficulties."

2.  The song "Part of Your World" was almost cut from "The Little Mermaid" because the kids in a test audience found it "boring."  But it was received well by adults, so it stayed in.

3.  "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" could've featured dwarves named Hickey, Dirty, Dumpy and Deafy.  (???)  According to the early notes, "Deafy" would only hear a word or two of a conversation, leading to "comical situations."

As much as this representation would've DELIGHTED deaf audiences for years to come . . . in the end, Deafy was replaced with Sneezy.

4.  Disney almost scrapped the iconic spaghetti dinner scene from "Lady and the Tramp" because WALT DISNEY had a feeling that "dogs would look absurd eating spaghetti."  (???)  But one of the animators changed Walt's mind.

5.  Originally, "Pocahontas" was going to have a "talking turkey sidekick" named "Redfeather," who was going to be voiced byJOHN CANDY.  But the character was dropped after John died in 1994.

6.  "Aladdin" was originally designed to resemble MICHAEL J. FOX, but when a Disney exec didn't think he looked "attractive enough," they redesigned him to look like TOM CRUISE.

7.  "Bambi" was going to be WAY bloodier . . . with the movie showing Bambi watching as his mother's carcass was dragged away, leaving behind a POOL OF BLOOD.  Fortunately, they realized an off-screen death was traumatizing enough.

8.  Early on, Sebastian . . . the talking crab in "The Little Mermaid" . . . was supposed to have a British accent.  But they later changed it to a Caribbean one.

9.  THE BEATLES were originally meant to voice the Vultures in "The Jungle Book", but at the time, JOHN LENNON decided he "didn't want to do an animated movie."  Three years later, they did "Yellow Submarine

Bambi makes me cry enough already.  I'm glad they didn't feel the need to horrify me too.