On a recent Live with Renk show, we talked about the elementary student who's allowed to bring a knife to school.

We had some good conversation on air, but I wanted to also share what my Facebook friends had to say about the matter:
  • Ken Rogan: This is the new America. Christians must not offend other religions by posing a threat by carrying knives or pistols.

  • Shawnie McDonald Bowdidge: Renk, might not get to listen today while you talk about this. This is infuriating! As much as I disagree with the "Zero Tolerance" policies that suspend Eagle scouts or other top achieving students for a "first aid knife" locked in the trunk of his car, this has to be the last straw on that poor camel! (maybe a pun was intended there) In any way shape of fashion, this nonsense HAS TO STOP! Some folks in this country are just gonna have to put on their big kid panties and suck in that lower lip and learn to deal with a few hurt feelings!

  • Shawnie McDonald Bowdidge: Oh, and if this is how those on the left view Religious Freedom, then how the heck do they explain the attacks on those who do not want to preform same sex ceremonies or provide cakes, flowers, or photos for them? Why can we not tell to either comply with our schools rules or form your own school or home school? Things in this country simply need to change and a whole lot of people will not like it and end up with their feelings hurt.

  • Heath Hiscock: Sikhs are some of the best people you will meet. The fact they have managed to find a way to restore a little bit of freedom should be an inspiration, not a point of jealousy.

  • Heath Hiscock: ...They are also conservative/liberty voters...

  • Shawnie McDonald Bowdidge: Heath Please do not take my comments incorrectly. They come from a larger frustration of the whole craziness. I know NOTHING of Sikhs. I am uninformed in the nature of their beliefs or lifestyle. I am just concerned/distraught over the direction of so many of our Christian (at a loss for the correct word here) "ways" or traditional practices. (ie. Prayer before games, "one nation under God") I will do some research on the Sikhs.

  • Heath Hiscock: Sikhs have been victims of the Muslims and the Hindi for centuries. They abandoned the caste system of the Hindi, and refused Islam. Women have equal rights, and they treat everyone... even non-Sikhs... equally. Charity/honor/self defense/defense of the weak are very high priorities for the culture.

    Sikhs are some of the best "Christians" you will ever meet... if looked at through their actions. 

    Sadly, people think turbans=muslim... without understanding what they are seeing.

    I'm not trying to offend you, but do some reading on them. You will smile the next time you meet a Singh or Kaur. 

    The best way to think of the faith is Mormons of the east. Not for any link in dogma, but because of the tendencies towards honesty and courtesy. 

    They tend to be very strong supporters of the Second Amendment as well.

  • Barbara Reardon Davis: I know the sikhs are a good people butttttttt the dagger thing is wrong...

  • Heath Hiscock: Why? I carried a pocketknife every day at school in the old days. I knew guys who drove trucks with gunracks... and guns in them... to school.

    Have we really become such a society of panty-waists that a simple tool's presence causes such shrieking fear? 

    Someone needs to tell these people "I know you're afraid... but your irrational fear is not a reason to destroy another person's freedom." Like we used to...

    Instead we capitulate to hysterical morons and create these "Zero-tolerance" policies, and wind up with children arrested for eating a Pop-tart into a shape similar to a gun.

  • Barbara Reardon Davis: do not get me wrong heath ...I am a second amendment believer, schools have lost their freakin minds...i know guys have carried pocket knives all their lives..my husband does all the time..I know that young man would most likely never ever do anything with the knife ...I just think we can't say a freakin prayer in schools, little boys can't read their bibles during silent reading times...etc..etc...the whole thing is messed up..I would more imagine some punk ass little kid would do something with the knife before this boy...there is no good answer..this country has lost it's minds................
    Have anything to add? Let me know in the comments.