It's common knowledge that the great lakes and all other lakes in Michigan are important and vital for our well being a survival. There is a group that is fighting for the survival of one lake in particular. It's Lake St. Clair. If you've never been in it, don't. The page named "Save Lake St. Clair" is fed up with the mistreatment and danger that's being brought into the lake and, allegedly, over 1 billion gallons of sewage flowed into it recently. They described their frustrations on Facebook, posting in response to E. Coli being found after testing sludge that washed up on shore:

Didn’t need the test, it was a guarantee. As stated on prior posts that this muck was a mixture of normal lake debris, algae, rotten dead aquatic plants and of course sewage.

It’s not rocket science. Oakland county dumped over 765,000,000 gallons of sewage overflows and Warren dumped 39 million gallons. Both dumped into the Red Run which empties into Lake St Clair through the Clinton River and the Spillway. This was all dumped from one single rain storm Jan 12. Macomb dumped over 250 Million gallons in this storm. That’s over One Billon gallons of sewage overflow in one single storm event. Now include the legacy pollution that has happened year after year dumping into the same spot.

There was a 100% guarantee it was mixed in with this muck.

Other state tests already proved this years ago. We will post that report in the comment section proven that human waste is trapped in the muck along or shoreline.

This all flowed in Lake St. Clair which is the drinking water source for 40% of the State of Michigan.

The wildlife, the fishery, and most important humans depend on fresh clean water in order to live and this affects the recreation. Our beaches are closed more than open.

Each year on average we dump nearly 1.5 Billion gallons of sewage overflows into our drinking water source and we just did that in one single storm event not even 12 days into 2020.

Tired of this? Please share this post and ask others to join the Save Lake St. Clair page.

This has to be addressed.



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