Sadly, the missing Holland man's body was recovered.



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Its been nearly a year since family and friends have seen or heard from a missing Holland man.

July 26, 2020 marks a sad anniversary for the family Tien Pham. It will mark one year since any of the members of his close-knit family have had contact with him. Tien was very much an active member of his family. He was always there to lend a hand watching nieces and nephews. Before he went missing, Tien had promised to help his then pregnant sister by babysitting once her child was born. That child is nearly a year old has never met its uncle. In all, he has 9 nieces and nephews who he was always spending time with. His sister Kieulien says she does not believe he planned to leave. She says her brother had future plans and that it is completely out of character for him to not have contact with his family. Not only have they searched for Tien, but they also started a social media page titled "Help Us Find Tien Pham" with the help of Missing Person's Advocate Kellie Boers. His family prays for the best possible outcome and fear the worst.

As the sad anniversary approaches, his family says they have a glimmer of hope they may finally get some answers. The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department detective assigned to Tien's missing person case recently contacted his family to notify them of future searches still in the planning stages that may involve other area sheriff departments. The detective said that an official announcement would be made to area media at a future date.

Missing person Tien Pham on the left
Missing person Tien Pham on the left

Tien was last seen walking on foot from the Outdoor Discovery Center located at 4214 56th Street, Holland, MI. Or possibly near 64th Street in Holland, MI.

Tien was last seen wearing blue cargo style shorts, a white t-shirt, and carrying a tan hemp backpack (material knitted and straw-like). He has a tattoo on the lower inside of his left arm of the St. Louis Arch (The Gateway Arch) with the numbers "314".

Tien Pham was 27-years-old at the time of his disappearance, stood 5 feet and 10 inches tall, and weighed 220 to 250 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair that he normally kept very short.

Anyone with information about Tien's whereabouts is asked to call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at 616-738-4000 or Silent Observer at 877-887-4536.

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