I try not to make it a habit of carrying around a ton of cash. I got jumped once when I lived in Oklahoma and had all the cash on me (and my car) stolen in the process.

But, at most, I might have $50 on me on a good day. But, if I happened to get jumped again, and my money stolen again, I'm pretty sure I'd be calling the cops right away... not this guy, apparently.

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The story was first reported on MLive on October 10th.

"Nearly $10,000 of cash was stone from an unlocked car earlier this year.

The cash was stolen from a vehicle parked in the 7000 block of 6 mile road, near I Drive South in Calhoun County's Newton Township, Michigan State Police said in a news release sent out Oct. 10th."

Well, first of all, you're driving around with Ten Grand, in cash, in your unlocked car. I have to admit, if I walked by and saw that, even I would be tempted to see if the door was unlocked.

The story continues...

"The Vehicle belonged to the homeowner, who discovered the cash was missing on June 4th, Police said in the release on Monday."

WHOA! June 4th!?!?!? You waited FIVE MONTHS to report $10,000 in cash missing!?!?!?

This wasn't exactly in a super-populated area of Calhoun County, either. We're talking south of Battle Creek, off the beaten path from M-66. It's not like some dude was just walking by, saw the cash, and walked off with it.

Google Maps
Google Maps

And I get that you're out in the country. Leaving your cars unlocked isn't that uncommon. I used to live in the country, myself, even on one of the main highways and still left my car unlocked. You feel safe about it.

But if I had $10,000 in cash in there, I wouldn't trust it to be unlocked around my own family in a bank vault. I'm still locking that door.

No, something's off here. It happened in June and we're just now finding out about it, it's WAY out in the county, the doors were unlocked, and just HAPPENED to be hauling around (what I imagine were) duffle bags full of $10,000 in cash?

I don't know the people involved, and I have no reason to doubt that they're anything but good, honest, decent people... but COME ON!?!?! This reads like a bad sitcom episode plot.

Nonetheless, police ARE looking for any suspects, as they have no leads (maybe because they waited 5 months to report it). But offered some helpful hints to identify possible perps.

"Members of the public are asked to call police if they see anyone with a large number of $100 bills that normally would not have that much money."

I mean... seems kind of like a given. Also, I swear, officer, that's part of my Christmas money.

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