The recent ice storm was a rude awakening as to how badly some of us were prepared for the power outage that plagued Southern Michigan. The outage has lasted for up to a week for some unlucky Michiganders. 

On top of that, the current weather forecast shows another winter storm, packed with rain, snow, and ice, that is due to sweep across Southern Michigan beginning Friday afternoon, through the evening, of March 3rd. 

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Having some basic heat, oil lamps, and a gas stove, I was actually able to enjoy the sudden quiet that settled over my home. Staring at the glass window of my kerosene heater became my “country TV”, bringing back memories of my days of off-grid living, as a youth, in the mountains near Big Sur, California.  

Now is the time to get a jump at gathering the supplies that will help you endure any future power outages, and perhaps make the experience “borderline cozy”. 

Listed below are the items that made my hours without electricity a little more bearable. They are not listed in order of importance, but a few depend on enabling each other. For instance, canned goods are essential, but you better have a manual can opener. 

13 Items You Wished You Had During The Ice Storm

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