Yet again we are faced with the age old question should animals have the same rights as humans?  You did not know it was an age old question, well either did I but many on the left are attempting to make it one.

Back in 2017 a New York appeals court ruled against an animal rights group that sued to give human rights to two chimps in the Bronx Zoo named Kiko and Tommy.  They petitioned the courts to give them human rights in order to invoke habeas corpus, the right to avoid unlawful detention.

If they were granted those rights they would have been set free due to what the animal rights group believed was their unlawful detention.  Now why the only concentrated on these 2 chimpanzees I do not know, it certainly would have been racist, bigoted or whatever you want to call it if all zoo’s and people who own animals were not ordered to set them free.

The presiding judge over the chimpanzee case stated that while chimpanzees share many fundamental characteristics of humans, it would be difficult to hold any ape to account for its personhood by arresting and prosecuting it for a crime. I bet the animal group did not think about that.

What would they say if these freed animals were to attack someone and possibly kill them?

What would they say when the animals stole food from people and stores to feed themselves and their families?  Would these animals then be put on the food stamp program?

That same group lost in court again when a Connecticut court ruled that three elephants named Beulah, Minnie and Karen could not be deemed persons.

Well up to now they are batting 0 for 2, but that has not stopped them.

According to the New York Post, this same group and their lawyers are at it again.

They are now arguing that a Bronx Zoo Elephant by the name of Happy is not so happy and is an “autonomous being” whose “liberty is being violated” by her cramped lonely quarters.  They want her granted person-hood and then moved to a sanctuary.

By the way maybe Happy likes where she is living and just wants them to butt out.

The Judge asked the lawyers for the animal rights group:

What would make you think that Happy, who has been in this [zoo] environment for 40 years, would be able to survive [elsewhere]?

The lawyers responded by saying that she “would be welcomed” by the other elephants.  Really did you ask those other elephants if they wanted her to join their family?

In a statement the Bronx Zoo stated:

If NHRP were truly concerned about the health or well-being of Happy, they would not be exploiting her to keep their agenda of extending legal personhood to animals in the news

Interesting how these animal rights groups are so involved and interested in the living conditions of animals but not so much the humans living on the streets in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, the list is endless.

Should animals be given human rights and afforded all of the goodies of our welfare state?

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