Now, this is interesting.  Teacher’s unions and their members have had a death lock hold on our public schools for decades perhaps even 100 years.  The National Education Association (NEA) is currently the largest labor union and the largest white-collar representative in the United States and was first established in 1857. It represents and controls just about anything that is somehow related to schools.  They represent public school teachers and other school support personnel such as faculty and staffers at colleges and universities, retired educators, and even get their hands on college students preparing to become teachers. 

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) represents approximately 120,000 teachers, education support professionals and higher-education employees in Michigan.  The MEA is affiliated with the NEA and was started in 1852 as the Michigan State Teachers Association with 20 teachers in Ypsilanti. Today, they are the largest single public employee union in the state.

Now that you know how long the NEA and MEA have had total control over our public education system.  Do you find it funny that they believe that our public schools in Michigan are part of America’s “Systems Of Oppression”?  

I will remind you once again the NEA and MEA have had total control over our public education for longer than we have been born.  Nothing moves in the education corporation business without the approval of the teacher's unions.  This means they were the people pushing and operating these “Systems Of Oppression” and buildings which they allowed “systemic racism” to occur.

According to an article by the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site, the “Racial Justice In Education” guide put out by the oppressors (NEA/MEA) states:

“Systemic racism is so deeply rooted in our history, culture and institutions that there’s no escaping it. Visible or not, its impacts are ever-present…Combating institutional racism and advancing racial justice in education and beyond is at the forefront of the NEA’s vision”

Their guide instructs the NEA/MEA members when they write that avoiding their racist, bigoted and white supremacist acts:

“communicates to students of color that racism doesn’t matter enough to warrant attention" 

What do the teacher's unions have to say about their white students?  In their guide, they state that their white students:

“often see racism being accepted and normalized, without acknowledgement or accountability.. the lofty ideal of educational excellence and equity for all students, if it even exists at your school, may seem like a hollow commitment.”

The guide then goes on to describe how “racial equity” that it appears they have been against until now as:

“the systematic fair treatment of all people, resulting in fair opportunities and outcomes for everyone.” 

The guide then tells their members/teachers: 

"You probably don’t have to revamp your entire curricula or classroom practice. But there are many ways we can make room for addressing racial dynamics. Discussions in your classroom can even be stepping stones to addressing race in your school, school district and community…If you are white, you may be used to the privilege of not having to think or talk about race, especially your own. Push yourself to take some risks, which will likely lead to some rich learning. Your honesty and humility will help your students open up."

This stuff is hilarious and makes me wonder if these people who run these teacher unions/corporations have a conscience?  How do they not see that the public education system they accuse as being "systems of oppression" and "systemically racist".  Is the same public education system that they have had total control over for a longer time than we have been alive?

Do you believe these people actually see their image when they look in the mirror?

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