A promotional map produced in 1949 from Kalamazoo-founded Schafer Bakery (the predecessor to today's Aunt Millie's) shows an exaggerated view of Michigan.

Some of the highlights of the map, which you can see in its full version here, include:

  • Everything south of the state line at 'The Deep South'
  • Kalamazoo is represented by its paper industry and celery
  • North of Kalamazoo is called 'goot muckland'
  • The furniture industry in Grand Rapids is represented by raw lumber going into a meat grinder
  • The Mississippi River is referred to as a 'Drainage Canal' spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Central Michigan's oil fields are represented (yes, there really is oil there - you can find derricks outside of Mount Pleasant)
  • It appears Michigan has annexed a bit of Wisconsin's Door County
  • A Mexican mariachi musician, who looks like a cactus is signing 'I've got a Gal in Kalamazoo'
  • Battle Creek is represented by a box of Corn Flakes

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[h/t u/LogisticMap on reddit]

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