When you talk about UFO sightings in Michigan, one of the most infamous stories comes from the mid 60's and may be one of the most bizarre and puzzling cases since. More than 80 women at one of the dorms at Hillsdale College and many other residents attested, and still do to this day, that they saw an object hovering over the arboretum that night. Now, a documentary is being released with archival footage never before shown on this level back where it all took place:

It was 56 years ago on March 21, 1966, that one of the most famous UFO sightings in American history took place at Hillsdale College.  The story was so big that Walter Cronkite himself came to Hillsdale to report on it. My documentary filmmaking class at Hillsdale College is doing a full-length documentary about the 1966 UFO sighting - called "Aliens in the Arb" - and here's the trailer, which dropped today. The film premieres on April 20 at Hillsdale College (admission is free), and the story is AMAZING. If you're anywhere in the area that night, you need to be there!
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One of the residents, Frank Manor in particular featured in the trailer shown above seemed to be particularly disgusted and almost insulted in the fact that what he knows he saw with his own two eyes is being criticized and mocked. Unfortunately we have yet to find any hard proof about whether other forms of life are in the universe outside of Earth, but hopefully this new documentary can help shed some light on this very strange incident.

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