Great news for the state of Michigan and even better some of our students. is reporting that Governor Snyder’s office released information yesterday informing us that 30 Michigan schools will be removed from Michigan’s list of lowest performing schools.

They were removed from the list because they placed about the 5% threshold of worst performing schools in Michigan, as well as they had to prove that 95% of all their students were tested.

Every school that drops off this list is a victory for our children in Michigan.  A victory that hopefully will continue the advancement of better educating our children not only in these schools but the schools that still remain on the list.

The bigger and harder question to answer is why are so many schools, parents and educational structure failing these students?

Twelve of the schools which were removed from the list are in the Detroit Public School system, which is further great news.

For a list of the other 18 schools removed from the list please click on the hotlink above.

One thing that must be noted although the schools advanced off the list they are still required by the state to submit an improvement plant to Michigan’s Department of Education and continue to show advancement.

I believe we need to do an entire revamp of the K – 12 educational system. We need to think outside of the box, see what has proven to work in other states and determine if we implement those programs in Michigan would it work for us.

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